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The following are just some of the items we buy. If you think you have something we might be interested in please fill out the form below.


⚡ Large Frame Breakers
⚡ XO Breakers
⚡ Zinsco Breakers
⚡ Pushmatic Breakers
⚡ Wadsworth Breakers
⚡ FPE Breakers
⚡ EHB Breakers
⚡ Square D Breakers
⚡ Trilliant Breakers
⚡ Indoor Panelboards
⚡ Outdoor Panelboards
⚡ Large Distribution Panels
⚡ Panelboard Switches
⚡ Disconnects
⚡ Combination Starters
⚡ Motor Control Buckets
⚡ Motor Control Centers
⚡ Transformers
⚡ Bus Plugs

Fire Alarm

⚡ Circuit Boards
⚡ Pull Stations
⚡ Smoke Detectors
⚡ Fire Panels
⚡ Duct Sensor Housing
⚡ Relays


Looking to sell your New, Used or Surplus Electrical Equipment? Turn your unused assets into cash!

  • Generate Revenue
  • Save Tax Dollars
  • Liquidate Aging Inventory
  • Free Up Warehouse Space

To get started:

  1. List your stock
  2. Shoot us a price
  3. Include the condition
  4. Attach pictures


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